custom coach interiors


How to order the Mercedes C-Class Custom Interior from Canada

Mercedes-Benz has just announced a $3,400 custom interior for its C-class luxury sedan, the C60, which will be available in Canada beginning in February 2019.The interior of the C-Series will feature a range of technologies including:Customizeable leather, LED lighting,...

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Custom coach intertops from Airbus to BMW, BMW to Airbus – India’s largest carmakers to be built from scratch

Airbus, the world’s largest airline, said Monday it plans to build its next-generation coach-interiors factory in India’s commercial capital.Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to make the announcement at a rally in Bengaluru next week.Bengaluru is India’s financial...

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The top 10 best designer dresses for fall 2018

The fashion industry is a complex, crowded place with its own hierarchy, with designers competing for the most lucrative pieces and the best seats at the table.For many brands, however, it’s all about how they present their clothes to...

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