How to order the Mercedes C-Class Custom Interior from Canada

Mercedes-Benz has just announced a $3,400 custom interior for its C-class luxury sedan, the C60, which will be available in Canada beginning in February 2019.

The interior of the C-Series will feature a range of technologies including:Customizeable leather, LED lighting, surround sound, carbon fiber accents and an electric motor.

It will also include heated seats, a heated steering wheel, a retractable driver’s seat and a remote keyless entry system.

The C-Coupé will come with a custom interior that is a result of the Mercedes’ design team and a collaborative effort between Mercedes and the Canadian manufacturer, according to Mercedes.

“In partnership with Mercedes, we are working closely with the manufacturer to create a C-coupé in Canada,” said Mercedes Canada vice president of sales, Robert D. Gerspach.

“This is the first time a Mercedes C Series is being offered in Canada and we look forward to offering this car in the future.”

Customizing the C63 for CanadaIn November 2015, Mercedes launched a global C-series production line at the Mercedes-Automobile plant in Moncton, New Brunswick, which has produced about 1.5 million vehicles since its opening in 1981.

The new C63, the latest generation of the luxury sedan that was introduced in 2017, is expected to have a range from a base price of $51,450 in Canada, to as high as $69,750 in the United States.

The car will also be offered with optional materials and an array of performance and safety enhancements.

The car has a total of 5,100 vehicles currently in Canada.

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