Carolina Custom Interiors Reveals New Floor Plans, Custom Elevator Interiors, and More

CAROLINA, NC—October 16, 2018—Custom interiors for your next home or business can look a little different than what’s pictured in the above image, according to a report in the Charleston Gazette.

The Charleston Gazette reports that the new home and business interiors are based on the design of a new design by local firm Carolina custom interior.

The company, which specializes in custom interior design, created the interiors in response to an upcoming building code change, according the report.

The changes, which were announced in October 2018, allow new structures and new buildings to be constructed with new floor plans and elevators without having to use the old standards.

These new floor designs were created for existing structures, so that they don’t have to comply with the old code.

The new designs feature new materials, including a new wood-brick interior and a custom-made floor system.

The floors in the new design were designed to provide “more comfort and less structural integrity,” the Gazette reports.

The design will be available to pre-order beginning next week for an estimated $2,000.

The custom intertops are expected to ship in the coming weeks.

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