WSU’s new football team is a mess

The Washington State Cougars are the hottest team in college football, and a mess.

Their new football coach, Steve Sarkisian, is a former assistant at LSU.

They have a quarterback named Tyrod Taylor.

Their running back is a 6-foot-5, 210-pound back named Todd Gurley.

They’re also losing a lot of talent, including quarterback Blake Bortles.

And they are the reigning national champion.

But they’re not the most successful team in the Pac-12.

They haven’t won a conference championship since 2007.

They were a bottom-feeder team for two years.

And now they’re being told to get better.

The Cougars have had five coaches in five years.

The only one who really got them to the promised land was Steve Sark, who led them to three consecutive winning seasons.

That was after Sark took over as the offensive coordinator at LSU and a year before his wife, Trisha, died from ovarian cancer.

But that wasn’t enough for his wife to be the coach.

He needed to win more games, and the Cougars needed a better offensive line and a better running game.

And he needed to do that quickly, because Sark was entering his fifth season at WSU.

But he needed more than that.

He also needed to get a better quarterback, a better wide receiver, a more experienced offensive line, and some much-needed talent at quarterback.

He had a great track record at LSU, but he had no history of winning at any level of the game.

The last two years, he had two losing seasons, and he was a first-time coach at UCLA.

That would help him get his first national title, but it would also hurt him if he was the next coach.

So he decided to change course.

He wanted to go to WSU, where he had a long and successful run as a head coach and head coach of the football team, which has been the program’s leader for almost four decades.

He hired the most recent Cougars quarterback in the program, Treon Harris, to be his offensive coordinator, a move that will give him a new offensive identity and a new quarterback who could have a great season.

“We wanted to change the culture, and we felt we needed to change things,” Sark said.

He said the players wanted it.

“The players are like, ‘Oh, I’m going to be a part of this, Treo is going to get it done, and I’m a part owner.’

We’re going to win this thing.”

Sarkisians first big hire is new offensive coordinator Treon “Treon” Harris, who is the offensive line coach.

AP/Jeff Roberson Sarkisias first big move was to hire a former offensive line assistant.

It was a huge hire for the Cougs, who are one of the nation’s worst teams in terms of sacks.

They had one sack in the regular season and nine total in the first four games.

They got three more in the second half.

They sacked the opposing quarterback for more than a touchdown and had at least three sacks in every game in which they had a lead.

The defense, meanwhile, allowed a team that had won only four games the previous three seasons to go 24-6.

The offense is better than the defense, but the offense still doesn’t have a good quarterback.

And Sarkisia wants to have a guy like Treon to be able to win with.

Sarkis said Treon is going into the season with an idea that he wants to win every game, but that he doesn’t want to win too many games.

He wants to be an efficient, successful, efficient quarterback.

So Sarkisis went with Harris, a longtime NFL offensive line specialist, to become the offensive center of his offense.

He’s also going to have to get the offensive linemen who are currently playing with the team to learn the offense.

That includes all of the offensive tackles who were on the team last year, but they weren’t the best linemen.

Sark told them they had to come to Washington and learn how to play with Treon, and then the linemen will be ready for training camp.

The offensive line is also going be used as a recruiting tool for the team, Sarkisms new coordinator said.

Sark is trying to bring in as many recruits as he can, he said.

The recruits will help make the team a more cohesive unit.

He was very open about it.

They can have the players that they think can be an asset to the team on the field.

Sark said he didn’t want a coach that had an opinion about players on the practice field, because that kind of coaching is going a long way.

And then he went on to say that he wanted to have the guys who are going to play on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays, the ones that are going on Saturdays and Sundays and Mondays be in the

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