What’s the difference between a custom interior and a custom car?

The difference between custom interior designs and custom cars is a matter of taste, and that is no different for Indian automaker Jaguar.

The latest edition of the company’s official blog makes a clear case for why a custom vehicle should be considered more than just a car that has a factory built body.

The company has been making custom cars for over 25 years and has even built its own vehicles in the past.

The latest model in this category is the Jaguar F-Type, a bespoke model that has been built using a custom body kit developed by the British automaker.

The Jaguar F has a number of other features that have been modified by the body kit.

It features a new air suspension, more advanced aerodynamics, new headlights and fog lights, a rear spoiler, and a roof rack that can be removed and stored on the car.

The F-Types interior is also very different to that of other cars, including the Ford Fiesta and Ford Fusion, as well as the BMW 3 Series.

It is designed for the road and the interior is designed with a simple, uncluttered layout.

Jaguar says the interior design is very important to it because it provides a sense of luxury, comfort and security to its customers.

JLR is one of the biggest names in luxury cars, with an overall market share of more than 20%.

The car that JLR’s new Jaguar F makes, however, is not a luxury car.

The company claims the F-type has a top speed of 186 km/h and a top acceleration of 4.2 g.

JL is making a car for a specific client, who will be paying a premium for the luxury, but it is one that the company says has been specially built for him.

The new Jaguar will go on sale in India next year.

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