When BMW takes the wraps off its new custom vans, a custom interior?

BMW has confirmed that its new vans will come with custom interior pieces.

A source familiar with the company’s plans told Recode that the new vans, which will hit showrooms later this year, will be a mix of black, white and gold interior pieces, and that the company has yet to specify which interior pieces will be part of the package.BMW is already building its first wave of custom vans at the factory, but the company is not yet showing off any exterior photos of the new models.

While the company hasn’t revealed any specifics about the interior features that will be available in the new vehicles, the source said the company will make sure that it includes some of the most important features of the original vans.

The new models are expected to arrive sometime in 2019.BMWs initial concept for its custom vansIn December, BMW unveiled a new concept vehicle that it said would use “immersive driving experiences and immersive environments” to give customers a “more immersive experience” than a traditional car.

The concept vehicle is also designed to give drivers more confidence in driving, with a system that will allow the car to respond to a driver’s every move.BMEW is currently in the early stages of developing the concept, and it is still unclear when the company plans to reveal the new cars.

In a statement, the company said it is “working closely with BMW” to “bring you the best of the brand’s best, with the newest technology.”

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