How to change the way you think about interior trim

From the inside, there’s a lot going on inside your car.

But when you think of the outside, you’re less likely to think about how the interior looks, according to a new study by BMW, Porsche and Audi.

The three automakers combined the findings to form a new concept called the interior concept.

The idea is to focus on the exterior and not necessarily the interior.

BMW, for instance, is using an infotainment system to communicate what the interior should look like, and the interior is shown in a new light to create the illusion of an interior interior that is more functional than the standard one.

But the interior will still be very functional if you want to change it.

For example, when a BMW M5 gets a new paint job, you’ll get a new instrument panel that has a new “F” emblem and a new display that shows your interior trim.

That’s because the new car’s new paint makes the instrument panel look a bit like a “F.”

The new system also lets you switch between three different gauges and four different interior sound systems, the Audi researchers say.

That allows you to customize the interior even if you’re not using the standard interior.

But it also makes the interior more expensive to maintain.

It costs about $6,500 to make a new interior, compared to about $1,800 for an M5 with the same interior, the study says.

The Audi researchers have also used a model to simulate how a new car might look like on a road trip.

The model is a 7 Series, which has an M3 interior, but also has a 7.0L turbocharged V8 engine.

Audi’s designers then simulated how a 7-series interior might look with an M4 exterior, and how the M4 might look if you had a new M3 exterior.

The M4 interior has a lot of extra features, including a larger trunk, an air vent, a heated steering wheel, and a headlight in the rearview mirror.

But that interior also comes with a price tag.

The 7 Series has an interior that can seat 11 people.

The 6 Series has only one person.

In addition, the 6 Series is a lot more expensive than the M3.

The cost to produce a new 7 Series interior is about $13,000 compared to $10,000 for an original M3, the BMW researchers say in their report.

The new study also looked at how interior quality affects a car’s fuel economy, with a focus on fuel efficiency.

When it comes to fuel economy the most important variable is how much space the driver has in the cabin.

The bigger the cabin the less space there is, according the study.

If you have a very large cabin, like a 7 or 8 Series, the car has a much lower fuel economy.

If the driver only has about a third of the space available in the trunk or the passenger seat, then the fuel economy is better.

The researchers say that means that the interior of a new BMW M3 or Audi S7 will have a higher fuel economy than a new Audi S4, the S5 or the S6.

The S7 is rated for 28 mpg, while the S7 Plus is rated at 26 mpg.

A comparison of fuel economy of the new S7 and a M3 is available here.

That might sound like a big difference, but it’s only a difference in fuel economy between the M5 and the S8, the report says.

But if you drive more often, it’s still a big deal.

You’re going to feel more comfortable, even though you’re going slower, because you’ll be getting more distance.

The only way to really know how much fuel efficiency an interior has is to measure it, the researchers say, adding that they found that the M7’s fuel efficiency is almost exactly the same as the S9.

The carmaker also took a look at how people felt about the new interior.

When people were driving an Audi S5, they felt more comfortable than the S3.

When they were driving a BMW S8 or S9, they had a more comfortable experience than the previous models.

And the S-Class cars, which have a longer wheelbase, had a higher comfort.

Audi, Porsche, BMW and Audi also released a report about the interior design of the BMW i8, which was launched last year.

The report looks at how many people feel comfortable in the new M8 and S8.

When we think of how comfortable a car feels, the answer is the same: the BMW M8 feels very comfortable, the M8 Plus feels very uncomfortable, the E30 feels very enjoyable, and so on.

And we think that’s very important.

So we have a new challenge for the next generation of cars that’s going to be a lot better than the current ones, the authors of the report said

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