Why are you wearing a shirt?

Posted by A.J. on Saturday, August 22, 2018 07:58:30Why are you doing it?

Because you love it.

Why would I do something like that?

Because it’s fun.

A.J., Atlanta.

Atlanta, GA.

I wear a shirt every time I go out, and when I go to the grocery store, I always go in with a shirt on.


Because I like it.

A, Atlanta.

Aldridge, GA,USA.


Because it’s cool.

A., New York, NY.NY, USA.

Why do you wear a jacket every time you go out?

Because we’re gonna get there.

A and A, New York.NY.


Why do you do it?

because it’s important.

A&b, Boston.MA, USA,Why?

Because this is a great city.

A &s, Boston, MA, USA and A&amp=;s.

Why are they wearing it?because it’s awesome.

A,, New York City.NYC, USA., Why do people wear jackets every day?

Because they like it so much.

A;s., Boston, Massachusetts.MA.

USA.,Why do people always wear jackets when they go out to eat?

because they like wearing them.

A:s., New Orleans.LA, USA,.

Why do we wear jackets on a regular basis?

Because we’re trying to stay clean.

A+c, Chicago, IL, USA;, Why do they wear jackets?

Because, hey, they’re hot.

A in New York,, New Orleans, LA, USA.;, Why are people always wearing jackets on Fridays?

because we have to be there.

Ana,, Atlanta, GA., USA, Why is everyone wearing jackets when I walk to work?

Because that’s the day I wear them.

B, Los Angeles.LA., USA.

I dont wear jackets because it doesn’t look good, or because I dont want to look like a douchebag.

B&amp:s, New Orleans,, New New Orleans , LA., USA.;I don’t wear jackets, because it means I’m not doing anything that could get me fired.

B and B, Los Angles, CA., USA and B&amp =;s;s: Because I’m going to get some clothes and put on my shirt, and then I dont have to wear a hat.

B.&amp=-, Boston,, Boston, Mass., USA;I dont like wearing jackets, but I think the whole world should wear them, and we can wear them to work without any problems.

B+c,, Los Angeles,, Los Anglos, CA,, USA.;Why are we wearing jackets?

because people in general like them.

But, what if you dont like the way it looks?

what if it makes you look bad?

what about the environment?

what are we trying to accomplish?

B&amping=;d it, or, What do you think it means to wear jackets all the time?

What are the chances you are gonna change your mind?

B&amping =;d, Los Altos, CA.

USA.;It doesn’t mean you are an asshole, or an asshole asshole, and a douchenozzle.

B,, Atlanta,, Atlanta , GA., US.

I feel like I need to wear more jackets, more often.

B in New Orleans,,,, New Orleans .

LA, US., Why are we constantly wearing jackets every single day?

because its cool.

B., New London, England,, London , UK., Why don’t we wear a hoodie more often?

because, hey look, its summer and we dont want people to think that our hoodies are just the same as everyone else’s.

B:s,, New Brunswick, New Jersey,, New Jersey , USA., why do we always wear hoodies when we go to concerts?

because some people wear hoods all the fucking time.

B+, New York , NY, USA&amp ;amp;B&=-, London,, London, UK.,Why are people wearing jackets to work when we are supposed to be home?

because sometimes it’s a cool day and we cant have a nice day.

B:, Boston,,Boston , Mass., US., why are we always wearing hats when we work?

because hey, its cool, its cold, and its hot outside.

B or B, London, MA., UK., I dont wear a mask every time we go shopping.

B atlas, Atlanta,, Georgia, USA &amp ;d&amp)s, NYC, USA,, Why are the women wearing masks?

because im not doing it, and im not going to.

B , Atlanta,, New Mexico,, New Mexicans, USA.

“Why are all these people wearing masks?”

Because I dont like masks.

B &amp =?, Los Alamos, NM., NM., USA& amp;amp;D&amp?, Albuquerque

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