Custom jet interiors will be added to Gatineau airport

Gatineur, Que.

— The new custom plane interior will be made for Gatinere airport in southern Quebec, the airline said Monday.

The airline will create new custom planes with “new, exclusive interior features and finishes, which are designed to enhance the comfort of the passenger cabin,” the airline announced in a statement.

“Customers can feel at home with our new interior,” the statement said.

Customers will receive a seat on a specially modified Gatineen Boeing 737-800, it added.

Its not yet clear when Gatineé will be able to begin selling its own custom plane seats.

It’s not clear if the airline will also offer the option of buying the custom plane from another airline.

Boeing has long made planes for airlines such as the United Arab Emirates, the world’s largest.

There’s been an increased focus on custom aircraft since last year’s terrorist attacks in Paris that killed 130 people.

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