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This week, Bolgija has been named one of the best new homes in Ireland by Irish Living magazine.

The house in Kildare, Co.

Kildare is located at The Lakeview, a residential development in Kells, Co Wicklow.

The building has been designed by the architectural firm Derry Design Group.

Bolgija is located in an area of Kells with an abundance of natural beauty, with a pleasant setting of woodland and woodland gardens.

The main street of Kildarra, in Kelsay, is also an attractive part of the property.

The design was chosen by a committee of local residents, the developers and the design team, with the aim of creating a distinctive and attractive home for the community.

The Kells area has seen a dramatic transformation in the past few years.

In 2014, Kells saw a major increase in the number of construction sites in the area and the city was experiencing its worst economic crisis in the region for decades.

Kells is home to a number of historic and cultural buildings including the Kells Cathedral, St. Columba’s Church and St. Joseph’s Abbey.

The local council has set aside a further $150 million for the regeneration of the area.

The area has been chosen for the project because of its proximity to Kells’ industrial areas and the potential for new jobs.

The property is designed to provide a range of services and services that are not only linked to the development of the community, but also provide a home for residents, said Bolgica.

The exterior walls of the house are built of a unique mineral clay, and the interior walls of each room are made of recycled material, which gives it a special texture and character.

The interior of the home is also constructed from recycled materials.

The project is being managed by Bolgijo Architects and the construction of the interior is being supported by a local group of builders.

The new house is designed by Bolgerija, who have worked with the architect for several years, and are currently working with Kells District Council to help the community develop the site.

It is expected to open in early 2019.

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