Which is better: The interior of a new Ford Explorer or a new Subaru Impreza?

By now, the word Subaru is already synonymous with “old.”

But while the company has been selling its new Imprezas for a decade now, there’s another Subaru in the works.

And that’s the new Subaru Crosstrek.

The Crosstreks are not the only Subaru cars to get a redesign.

Toyota is working on its own, too.

While the Japanese automaker is not making any major changes to its models, its new Civic, which will go on sale in late 2017, has been receiving new interior trim.

The Civic will also get a new exterior color and the new stereo system.

The 2017 Imprezza, which launched in 2019, has received a number of changes, including a new body kit and the addition of a six-speaker sound system.

The Subaru Imprzas are, in fact, the only models currently in production that will have the new interior.

That’s because Subaru is going to use a whole new exterior for the 2018 Imprezzas, and it’s designed to look very similar to the exterior that the Imprezes come with.

The new Imprs will also have a rear spoiler and side skirts.

Inside, the new Impos will have a slightly revised seating arrangement.

The seats will now be lower, with more room for the driver and passengers to move around, as well as a larger center console and a more generous rear seat.

The Impreyas will have wider front seats, and they’ll also get new sportier styling with a rear decklid and larger mirrors.

The front seats will also be made wider.

The exterior of the new 2018 Impras will be about the same as the exterior of its predecessor.

Subaru says the 2018 Subaru ImPrzas will also sport a more sporty design.

While the cabin of the 2018 and 2018 Impos is identical, the 2018 is going for a slightly wider grille, new roofline, and a rear wing.

The 2018 Impeyas are also going to have a more aggressive exterior design, and that includes new fenders.

Subaru will also offer an updated headlight system, new LED taillights, and new fog lights.

The 2019 Imprzy will be slightly different, too, as it will be significantly lighter.

It’ll also have wider fenders and a larger grille.

Subaru is also planning to add a new fog light to the 2018 model.

The 2017 Impryas and Imprezy will also see new instrument panel options.

The 2018 will get a standard instrument panel and a Sport Chrono, while the 2018 has an instrument panel with the same features as the 2017 model.

All of this is just for the new cars.

Subaru isn’t even planning to introduce any of the Imprzes in 2019.

It plans to introduce a new Impeza-branded crossover SUV in 2020, and then introduce a redesigned Imprza wagon in 2021.

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