New interior of new LG G6 features ‘custom integras’

The new LG-built LG G5 was unveiled on Monday, sporting a custom interior made by the company.

The LG G7 is also due to arrive with a custom design.

We had a chance to speak to the head of the company’s design department, Takashi Iida, to get his thoughts on the new LG interior.LG G6 custom interior (left to right):Front: “Custom integras” and “Integra” back panel, front and rear volume buttons, and two speaker grilles.

Front: S-shaped grill, center-mounted speaker grille, and front LED indicator lights.

Front and rear speakers and microphone controls.

Back: “Integras” front and back panels, volume buttons and a headphone jack.

Back panel with volume control, power button, and volume dial.

Back volume control panel with microphone and speaker control.

Back and front camera ports.LG’s custom interior includes two different color schemes, which can be customized by the user.

The front panel is black with white lettering, while the back panel is white with black lettering.

In the middle, we see the two speaker grill and the power button.

Inside, the back and front volume buttons are surrounded by white and red accents.

There are no color variations for the power and volume buttons.

There are two “Integrals” in the middle of the back, which are connected by a red button, which is connected to the right speaker grill.

The back panel and the back speaker grill are covered by white accents, with white letters on them.

Inside the volume and power buttons.

Inside speaker grill with microphone, and a power button (bottom left).LG’s S-like design is actually a subtle difference from the traditional LG G design.

The “Integral” panel at the top of the LG G series is the back of the phone, and the “Integrated” panel is the front of the device.

The back panel of the G6 looks like it’s supposed to be the “sides of the display,” but the “integral” design is closer to the front, and there’s no distinction between them.

The LG G3’s “Integrity” logo was the only new design to appear on the LG model, and it looks like the LG’s design is now “Integrating.”

The phone is said to be a “specialized” device that uses a curved OLED screen, with a larger display than the G3.

We also noticed a few other new design elements that were introduced to the LG line:The front speaker grill is now a circular one with a white dot, similar to the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6.

The bottom of the speaker grill now has a larger white dot.

The top of both the volume buttons is a “S-shaped” shape.

The volume and Power buttons are also shaped like the S-shape, but there’s also a little white dot on the left of the power buttons for a “P-shaped,” which is the same as the S shape on the iPhone.

LG also introduced the new LED indicators.

The front LED indicators are the same size as the LED indicator on the Galaxy S5, with the exception of the number, but LG is using a “dashed line” instead of a straight line.

LG says the curved LED indicator “has a much more curved feel.”

The front speaker grills are also curved, though the placement of the dots doesn’t appear to be as pronounced.

The rear camera button has been moved down, to a lower position.

The camera is now on the right side of the screen, rather than the top.

The speaker grill looks like an iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus.

LG’s custom LG G model is said “specializes” in “specializing in the speciality of the audio and video interface,” but it’s unclear if this is an iPhone 5S or an LG G4.

The design is similar to that of the iPhone 5C, which was released in late 2017.

The two-tone “S” shape in the back is now the “S”-shaped grill.

The sides of the grill are now white, and LG is emphasizing the fact that the S and “R” are curved.

LG is also claiming the S design is “safer” than a normal LG grill, and that it’s “more durable.”

LG says it uses the “speciality” S shape because it’s easier to clean.

The speaker grill, speaker grates, and “S+” are now all in the “R”-shape.

The display is the LG Optimus Display 5.

LG claims it has the highest pixel density of any smartphone.

The display is curved, but it doesn’t look like LG is trying to make it look like an iPad or an iPhone.LG says the new design is meant to help users feel more comfortable with the LG system.

LG G S5 “integrated

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