Businesses in Kerala are embracing a new trend in the city: custom interior design

Businesses are embracing custom interior designs in Kerala, which are becoming a booming trend.

The trend is called ‘custom interior’, a move to bring different ideas to the traditional design of the home.

According to the latest survey conducted by the ‘Design for India’ project, there are now over 300 custom interior brands in Kerala.

Many of them are making use of technology to create new looks and ideas, including the idea of ‘design for India’.

The Kerala state government recently commissioned the design consultancy ‘Movil’, which has designed some of the best-designed buildings in the state, including a number of hotels, restaurants and retail establishments.

The state government has also initiated a program to launch a ‘Cease and Desist’ to any company that does not follow the rules of the State Government.

The Kerala State Council of Ministers (KSCOM) has been working on a ‘design-for-India’ program for a long time.

A number of state governments have initiated a similar program in recent years.

The new initiatives include the Kerala Custom Interior Initiative, a government-led initiative that will enable local business owners to showcase their designs, designs and designs-like a custom tardi interior.

The initiative is being spearheaded by the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC), a state-owned enterprise.

The scheme will give a one-off tax rebate of up to Rs 4,000 to each business owner to purchase a custom-designed home.

The KTDC is also organising a ‘touring for India-themed’ programme for a period of six months.KTDCs design guidelines for home décor are drawn up by the State Development Corporation of Kerala (SDKC).

In most cases, the designs and concepts will be based on the existing design guidelines of the district or city.

These guidelines are designed to help in the planning of the building.

“The new initiative will encourage the use of new materials, technologies and designs,” said KTDCs chairman K.V. Mahajan.

“The focus is on creating a better and better-designed Kerala home.

Our objective is to provide an opportunity for the owners to create a better home and a better business.”

Custom interior is a popular trend in Kerala that is being encouraged by the government.

“It has been growing steadily for the past 10 years,” said Mahajangudhi, a resident of a residential building in Malappuram.

“There are many such places.

It is a new way of thinking, a new design that we are trying to implement in Kerala,” he added.

According the KTDCM, the initiative will help businesses, which will have to make decisions on what kind of decor and furniture to buy and how much they will charge.

The initiative will also help in improving the quality of living for the residents.

The design guidelines are being developed by the KTCO, a department in the SDKC.

The design guidelines were approved by the Government of Kerala on January 1.

“In Kerala, the idea behind the initiative is to help businesses make decisions for the new and better home they want to live in,” said Dr. S. Sathya, chairman of the KTEKK (Kerala Tourism Development Council).

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