How to tell if your Tesla is ready for the road

Tesla Motors is launching an online tool that can help customers figure out whether their Model S is ready to be driven on public roads.

The company’s newest app, Tesla Drive, is an online service that helps customers determine whether their new Model S or Model X is ready, said Tesla chief technology officer JB Straubel in a blog post on Tuesday.

Straubels blog post notes that if the Tesla Drive app says “the vehicle is ready,” that’s good.

“But if the vehicle is not, or if you don’t see it as such, you can check the status of the vehicle by entering its Model S number,” Straubell wrote.

“The vast majority of Model S owners, or about 85% of Model X owners, are reporting that they are ready for road use.” “

This is where we’re seeing the biggest uptick in Model S sales,” Straubs post continued.

“The vast majority of Model S owners, or about 85% of Model X owners, are reporting that they are ready for road use.”

Tesla’s app has seen steady growth since the launch of the Model X SUV in June, with the company seeing its most successful months coming after Christmas, the blog post noted.

Straubs blog post said Tesla’s latest update includes new features, like a new app that will show the status and status of any Model S and Model X in the garage.

Straubeels blog said that users who purchase an electric vehicle through the Tesla website can see the status, as well as the charging status of all Model S vehicles in their garage.

The new app will also allow customers to check the battery capacity of any vehicle by tapping a battery charge icon next to the charging indicator.

Tesla has also updated its Model X website to show the current state of the battery, which will now be updated as soon as battery levels drop below the manufacturer’s warranty, Straubes blog post read.

Tesla is also rolling out a new “Fuel Delivery System” in the company’s vehicles, which has been shown to reduce the time it takes to charge the battery.

“These systems allow owners to have more control over the amount of fuel they need to make a charge and also provide an added level of protection,” Straubees blog said.

Straubes blog post did not give any more details on the new feature, which is now available to customers of the companys new X SUV.

StraUBELS blog post also included a slide presentation on the “Powerpack” system that the company is building that will increase the range of its Model 3 and X vehicles.

The Powerpack system, which Tesla unveiled earlier this year, allows Tesla owners to charge their vehicles from home or remotely, and Strauberes blog post does not mention the Powerpack’s role in the new updates.

Tesla also announced that it is launching a program to help owners of the X SUV, X SUV SUV and X Roadster, who are willing to make the necessary investments, get their vehicles out on public roadways.

The program, which goes live later this year and includes an initial $1,000 grant, will help owners get their vehicle on the roads as soon it becomes available, Tesla said in a statement to Business Insider.

Tesla’s blog post came one day after Tesla unveiled the next version of its electric SUV, the Model 3, which the company says is expected to hit dealerships in 2019.

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