HTC 10 vs. LG G6: What to know about the new phones in our review

HTC’s latest flagship device is still a bit of a mystery to many Android fans, but the company’s upcoming flagship phone is pretty much guaranteed to be a great phone for anyone who’s willing to fork out for a decent one.

Here’s what you need to know before you buy, and after.

The HTC 10 is HTC’s answer to the Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X, and while it’s not the first flagship to launch with a Snapdragon 835 chip, it’s certainly the most powerful.

The company’s phone is a true powerhouse, but it’s actually a lot more affordable than its predecessor.

While the phone comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, you can get the phone with 2GB of that, for $649.99.

It’s still not a cheap phone, but that’s largely thanks to the $650 price tag.

HTC’s 10 is actually the company of HTC’s current flagship phones, but with a little more performance and a more refined look.

HTC has made some big changes to its flagship hardware, too, including its camera.

Its flagship phones always sport a 12MP rear camera with optical image stabilization, but HTC’s camera is the first in the company to have a f/1.9 lens.

It has a f1.8 aperture, which makes it easier to focus and is the only one of its cameras to support dual-LED flash.

HTC says the f/2.0 aperture is “a breakthrough that gives users unprecedented clarity and detail,” but that is largely subjective.

The camera can also take high-resolution photos, and HTC says it’s one of the best cameras available.

It also has a 13MP front-facing camera that HTC says is “highly capable of taking selfies,” although we didn’t have any hands-on time with the phone to judge that claim.

The rear camera features dual LED flash, a front-mounted LED flash and a wide-angle camera lens, which HTC says offers “up to 3x the pixel density of standard digital cameras.”

It also boasts “the most advanced image stabilization ever offered in a smartphone.”

The phone also has stereo speakers and HTC claims it has a “superior audio performance.”

The rear cameras have “f/2 aperture technology that enables superior sharpness and detail in low-light situations.”

While the camera isn’t great, HTC claims that it can “shoot up to 1.5 megapixels with the right light,” which is impressive considering it’s a phone with only 1.7MP.

The front- and back-facing cameras can shoot up to 3 megapounds, while the front-lens camera can shoot 4 megapikes.

HTC also claims the phone is “fast and responsive,” which it claims is due to “the latest high-end camera technologies.”

It’s not clear if HTC has a similar camera on the HTC 10.

We did get a few photos of the HTC 11, which features a more powerful camera than its predecessors, but we haven’t seen any images yet.

We got to try out a few of the new features and features HTC has added to the phone, and we’ll have more information on HTC’s official site on March 14.

For now, we can just say this: HTC has finally gotten right with its flagship phone.

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