How to DIY a retro, retro interior from a 3D printer

I was living in a small studio apartment in downtown Brooklyn when I realized I wanted to make a retro interior.

The problem with that idea was that it required a lot of space, so I decided to make the house out of cardboard boxes.

I bought a 2-by-2-foot, 4-by 4-foot section of plywood, cut it in half, and painted it black.

I then glued it to the inside of a piece of plyboard, and glued it back together with a piece from the same sheet.

I did this for about four months, until I realized that I could use a 3-D printer to make things that looked a little bit like real furniture. 

The house in the picture above was built in just a couple of days, using a 3.5-inch-by 3-inch cardboard template. 

I built the entire house from scratch with my 3D scanner. 

First, I built the interior of the house using a standard 4- by 4- foot section of wood.

Then I cut it into two pieces, and cut them to length.

The top and bottom of each piece were glued together with wood glue, then glued back together. 

Next, I painted the top of the plywood to match the color of the door. 

Then I made sure that all of the walls were black, and added a piece to each side of the doors to make them look like a door frame.

Finally, I glued in the hinges, doors, and windows.

The result was a look that matched the wood and cardboard perfectly. 

Here’s the house in progress.

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