How to Build a New Ford Focus RS Custom Interior Design

A new Ford Focus, which debuted in the United States last year, has a new, custom interior.

In a new design guide, Ford says it’s making it easier for the customer to customize their Focus RS.

Customers can now select from five different interior options, including a leather-trimmed seats, a blacked out dash, and a black leather-covered steering wheel.

The guide also provides tips on how to make the interior a little more personalized for the user.

Custom interior designs are more likely to be viewed by Ford enthusiasts, and the Focus RS is the first vehicle to come with a new interior.

It’s also one of only three cars that features a new steering wheel and pedals.

Ford’s new guide explains that if you don’t like a specific interior, you can simply swap out the interior for another model.

The Focus RS, which came out last year in the U.S. and has since sold more than 3.5 million worldwide, is available now.

You can find more information about the new Focus RS here

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