Why is the Canadian government so eager to get rid of the Canadian military?

This week, the Trudeau government is in the midst of the biggest transfer of military assets in Canada’s history.

The Canadian Armed Forces are to be replaced by the Canada National Defence, and Canada’s first full-time air force will soon join the Canadian Forces.

All this comes as the Canadian Armed forces are facing their own crises, and have seen the end of their combat missions.

But there is another issue that is even more important than the military.

It’s the end for Canada’s foreign aid and aid-in-kind programs, which were supposed to help struggling countries in the world, such as India and Syria.

The Harper government is looking to eliminate aid and development assistance for countries such as those two.

This is a key issue in the elections that are to take place in 2019.

The Conservatives are currently leading in opinion polls, and the Liberals have a chance to win a majority government.

But it’s the Liberal Party’s foreign policy that is most in need of an overhaul.

They are now looking to reduce foreign aid to developing countries, which would be a step back for the Canadian taxpayer.

This would mean cutting aid to foreign aid recipients who are in desperate need of help.

The Conservative Party is currently looking to abolish the Canada Assistance Fund, which was set up by the Trudeau Liberals.

This fund was created to provide assistance to foreign governments in the Middle East and Africa to help them combat terrorism and poverty.

The Liberals have also promised to eliminate the Canada Aid to International Development Fund, set up to provide support to the poorest countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

This will also cut foreign aid funding for developing countries.

The Trudeau government also announced it is planning to cut the amount of foreign aid that can be provided to the Canadian Army.

The new Defence minister, Peter MacKay, says the government is eliminating the Canada Armed Forces’ contribution to the Defence Department.

He is also proposing to reduce the amount Canada spends on international development assistance.

The Foreign Affairs Minister, Stephane Dion, has been vocal about his intention to cut aid to Canada’s international development partners.

Dion has said the country needs to invest more in Canada to compete with other countries that can provide a better level of aid.

The International Development Department of Canada is also cutting its international development spending by 20 per cent.

In a press conference, Dion said the decision to cut foreign assistance would mean the end to foreign development assistance, and would lead to cuts in other programs as well.

It also means that Canada’s economic success in Asia and Africa will be significantly diminished.

But, the Liberals say this will be offset by the increase in defence spending.

In other words, the cuts to foreign assistance will be a good thing for Canada, and will help the country maintain its economic competitiveness.

The government is also looking to slash Canada’s military spending.

Under the new Liberal plan, the Canadian armed forces will be eliminated, along with the Canadian Air Force, the CF-18 fighter jets and the Canadian Special Operations Forces.

These will be replaced with a new unit that will be called the Joint Task Force-Iraq.

The Canada Defence Force is now also looking at downsizing its special forces to a single company of about 5,000 troops, instead of a force of about 1,500 troops.

The United States is one of the countries that have been very supportive of the Trudeau Government’s foreign assistance and aid programs, and they are also one of Canada’s biggest military contributors.

The US is Canada’s largest trading partner, and we also share a border with the United States.

The two countries share a lot of cultural and historical ties, and both countries share an interest in maintaining peace and stability in the region.

Canada is the biggest contributor to the UN, and is also one the largest donors to the United Nations.

Canada contributes more to UN missions than any other country, and it has also been a major contributor to various humanitarian programs, including the World Food Program, which provides aid to some 3.5 million people in Africa and more than 1.3 million in South Asia.

The World Food program is a vital program that is critical to the development of developing countries in Africa, and also to the stability of countries like Syria, Libya, Yemen and Somalia.

In recent years, Canada has also provided humanitarian assistance to some of the most vulnerable countries in this region, such the people of Libya, Syria and Iraq.

Canada also has the largest military presence in the Arab world, and has provided training to the armed forces of countries such the Bahraini government and the Saudi government in their fight against Iran.

This military support to these countries and other countries is important to keep the peace and security of these countries.

And it’s important to our allies in the area, because it provides them with the capability to fight ISIS and other extremists, as well as other challenges that they face.

The current government has also announced that it is going to close down the United Kingdom’s embassy in Ottawa.

Canada has a longstanding relationship with the UK, and as

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