How to fix an FRS custom interior and see the difference

How to Fix an Frs Custom Interior and See the Difference The FRS (formerly FRS Custom) is a customised interior designed to meet the needs of the FRS customer, such as a customer with a narrow living room, a customer who likes the fact that they can sit with the TV on the right side of their living room and a customer wanting a more spacious living room.

The Frs custom cabin is very spacious, although it is quite a bit less than a standard FRS cabin.

The main feature that makes it special is that it has a full width mirror and surround sound system, both of which are very high quality.

The mirror is located in the centre of the cabin, making it easy to find and adjust.

The surround sound has the ability to be switched between speakers, although we did find that this feature was not always as accurate as we hoped it would be.

The centre console and power control panel have been updated and we liked the fact the power buttons are now labelled in green, rather than black.

The controls are also labelled in white instead of the usual black.

Other features that have been improved are the seats and the door handles.

The seat backs are now more flexible, allowing you to fit different types of covers and even make it a customisable colour.

A number of features were improved, including the power door handle which is now labelled “power” and has a red button that lights up if you are in low power mode.

The buttons on the centre console are also now labelled.

The interior is very comfortable, with a nice carpeting in the lounge area and a lovely wood panel on the walls.

We have also had the Frs fitted with a DVD player, a Bluetooth audio system and a digital video recorder.

The steering wheel has been updated with a new button, a more modern looking joystick and new colour scheme for the touch screen.

The rear seats are very comfortable.

The carpet is very soft and you do not have to worry about getting your foot in the seats, even if you want to.

The back seats are much more comfortable than the front seats and you can adjust them to your liking.

It is important to note that if you have the Furspeed R, you need to have the ‘custom interior’ installed.

If you are having the Firs custom interior installed, then you will not have the options of the optional custom interior option.

The driver and passenger seats have also been upgraded and now have a nice leather option.

There is also a new ’tilt’ function which allows you to control the tilt of the steering wheel, the passenger seat and the steering column.

A USB charging port is located on the steering head.

There are a number of other improvements.

The air vents on the driver and passengers are now located on each side of the vehicle, instead of being on the front and back.

This improves airflow and the temperature.

The seats now have ventilated inserts on the seats for a more comfortable ride and there is also an adjustable rear seat backrest.

The front seats have a more adjustable seat belt system and there are also new steering column controls.

The sound system is now a stereo system which also includes a subwoofer.

A new ‘smart phone’ speaker is also available for the front seat speakers, but it is not connected to the sound system and is a separate accessory.

There has also been a number other improvements, such the air conditioning system has been upgraded.

The audio system can now be adjusted from the dashboard to the centre armrest, and you also get a ‘smartphone’ speaker which is connected to a sub.

The instrument panel has been replaced with an audio interface.

The touchscreen and buttons are still on the dashboard and there has also now been an option to change the colour of the display.

The dash has also received a new touch screen and it also has a large, high resolution, textured screen.

There have also now also been an array of visual and audio enhancements to the dashboard.

The door handles are now adjustable for height and there have also also been more subtle changes to the way the steering wheels rotate.

The new seats have been fitted with comfortable seats, with wider backrests and the front of the seats have raised rear seats for better seating comfort.

The dashboard now has a new sound system which includes a sound module that plays music as you move the car and a built-in speaker that plays a different music track depending on the driving conditions.

The standard sound system now also features a CD player that plays MP3s and other MP3 files.

The USB port for the new audio interface is also connected to this sound module.

The power switch now has two positions: on or off.

The LED light is now brighter and has been switched from red to green.

The indicator lights on the left side of each wheel now have three lights instead of two.

The doors and the centre-armrests are now fully adjustable.

The tail lights have

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