Aussie couple have created their own ‘tombstone’ for their son who died aged six months old

A couple in Melbourne have created a tombstone for their six-month-old son who was born with a brain tumour.

The parents have been sharing their story with the media ahead of the grand opening of the Melbourne Museum of Modern Art’s new tombstone collection on April 15.

The story of the young boy’s life was revealed to the public in April last year, when he died of a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer.

A week later, a team of doctors who treated him at the University of Melbourne Hospital announced he had a very rare form of the tumour, a form called an adenocarcinoma.

The young boy was brought into the museum by a local family who had recently moved into the area, and had been brought in to be treated.

“I thought this was something to be excited about and it was just a little bit of a surprise to me,” one of the parents, who asked to remain anonymous, told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“So I went into the room and just said to my husband, ‘I can’t wait to tell you all the stories’.”

“I just wanted him to know that his dad is in the hospital and he’s OK,” she added.

The boy’s mother said she was initially nervous about making the announcement, but she was confident the family would be able to handle it.

“It’s been a very long journey,” she said.

“This is the first time we’ve ever given this child to a hospital, so I thought it was a good idea to share it with him.”

And it just kind of became like a family thing.

“We’ve been doing it since I was a little girl and we’ve got our little boy, we’ve been raising him, and now we’re just going to share this story with everyone.”

The story behind the tombstone The tombstone is an original piece of art created by Melbourne artist and sculptor Michael Korsch.

The piece was created by artist Michael Kossch after he received the news of the boy’s diagnosis, the family said.

Michael Korscht said he received a phone call from his son’s mother on April 14, 2017, telling him that the boy had been diagnosed with adenovirus type 2 (AV-2).

“She said ‘I think your son is going to be okay, he’s going to recover,'” he said.”[Then] she called me and said, ‘We just got a call from the hospital, your son has a tumour’.”

So that’s the first thing I thought, and then I just thought, ‘oh my God, he is going, he will be okay.’

“The story started with the mother of the two-year-old’s three siblings, who were able to tell him that he had been admitted to the hospital after a minor illness.”

She was so relieved that he was getting better,” Michael Krosch said.

The mother and the other siblings of the six-year old then asked the mother if the boy was in good health, and she said he was, but that the doctors were concerned about his condition.”

When we went in, the first patient that we saw was a five-year [old girl] and they were very excited because she was still alive and they could see her, but they didn’t have any idea that she had a brain tumor,” Michael said.

When the family started talking to doctors, they learned that the girl had an advanced form of cancer, and that they needed to make an appointment to have her examined.”

They said to us that if we did the MRI, she’d be fine and they’d go on to see if she was in the same condition as the other two,” he said, explaining that the MRI would reveal more information about the boy.

The family went through a series of tests to confirm the diagnosis and the girl’s condition, and after the scans were done, the doctor informed the family that they were looking at the tumor.”

The first thing she did was cry,” Michael explained.”

After that we all went back to the parents and said ‘Oh my God that was so nice.

It’s a very special moment’.

“The young mother was visibly overwhelmed with the news, and the mother said the next day they were told that their son would be in the intensive care unit.”

Within 24 hours of seeing him, we knew we had to make the appointment, so that we could get him in,” he added.”

My son was doing so well, we said ‘Let’s do it’, and we went and booked it.

“The family was then told that the brain tumor was inoperable, and would require a long-term treatment.”

A week after that, he was still in the ICU, still alive, and still doing really well,” he explained.

The doctors told the family they needed a month to get their son through the

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