Former Trump Campaign Manager Says ‘Fake News’ on White House Website Is Not His Job

A former Trump campaign manager who served as an adviser to President Donald Trump’s transition team says that the Trump administration has “fake news” in its official website.

“We are not the media.

The media is the enemy of the people,” Joe Cirincione told the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday.

The former Trump aide said that his own time working on the Trump transition team, as well as the Trump campaign, was a “virtual hell” and that his team was “fantastically successful” and “very well-funded.”

Cirincione also criticized the Trump White House for using an unofficial White House website as its official Twitter account, which he claimed was created by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

“I’m pretty sure that the DHS is not an independent agency, they’re a government contractor,” Cirincion said.

“They don’t have a constitutional right to create an official account.”

Circo told the Journal that the website is not his official website and that he never used the site to promote his personal or business business interests.

Cirino told the newspaper that he was a campaign advisor to the Trump team and that it was a very “good” transition team.

“I didn’t get paid.

I was an unpaid volunteer,” Circo told WSJ.

“I was a volunteer for three months.

I never got paid.

It’s very clear that they were doing it to make sure that they had a good team.”CIRINI: The Trump transition is NOT an independent entity.

It is a government contract.

We are NOT the media.#PresidentialElections — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 16, 2017Cirani said that the administration’s official Twitter feed is a “very good” one.

CIRINO: The transition is not a separate entity.

The transition team is the public face of the administration.

And I think it’s pretty clear that it is, that the government is not independent.

[email protected] — Joe Cirini (@JoeCirini) November 15, 2017The former campaign manager told the paper that the transition team was a lot like the Trump presidential campaign.

“It’s very much like a political campaign,” Cirini told the WSJ in an interview.

“The campaign is like a campaign, the transition is like an independent organization.

They are not separate entities.”

He added that he had a great experience working on it and said that he thought it was an “interesting and very well-run campaign.”

The transition website is called @realDonaldTrump.

pic: @realDonaldTrump — Joe Pascale (@JoePascale) November 14, 2017″I think it was really great to be in there.

It was a great learning experience.

I liked it,” Cirino told WSJs.

“There’s no doubt that they are trying to do a better job.”

“I was the deputy campaign manager.

I did the whole campaign thing.

I think the administration does a good job.

I’m not a media person.

I don’t get a salary.

I just do it because I’m a volunteer,” he added.

“And I’m pretty happy with the transition.”

“They’re a good political team,” Cirinin said.

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