Which airline do you prefer? Here are all the airlines available in the UK.

The latest edition of MTV News’ Best of Britain series has unveiled the winners of the prestigious ‘Best of Britain’ Awards.

As well as being the most popular of the major airlines in the country, it’s also the biggest in terms of number of seats, number of flights and number of cities. 

MTV’s award for ‘Best Airline Interiors’ goes to Airline Intracoastal (AIP) and AirAsia. 

Airline Intraasair is the second-biggest airline in the nation with 2.6 million seats and 4,000 flights a year. 

The airline has a total of 6,600 employees in the United Kingdom. 

 It’s followed by BA (1.4 million), WestJet (1 million), British Airways (976,000) and Ryanair (532,000). 

It has a population of 8.4million. 

It is the only major airline that operates two direct flights to and from London, with a second scheduled to leave from London’s Heathrow Airport this week. 

Aviation magazine has a similar award for AirAsia, with 2 million seats. 

Its only other major domestic airline is Jet2, with 1.4m. 

This award is for the first time given to the airline that will be flying the longest routes. 

With 1,200 destinations across the world, AirAsia has the most routes and airports of any airline in Britain, with 7,200 in the world. 

‘Best Air Line Interiors Award’ For the fourth year running, MTV’s Best Air Lines Interiors is handed out by The Aviation Design Association. 

AARP has a long history of awarding awards for best interiors.

In 2009, they awarded Aerointeriors.com a BEST AIRLINE INTERIOR CUP for its design of the best cabin in the sky. 

In 2011, AOPA was awarded a Best Interior Design award for its interior design of the Aerobee airport in Sydney. 

For its ‘Best Airport Interiors,’ Avia and Air France were also awarded an AEROBEE INTERIOR BED WINNER for their interiors in Paris. 

Earlier this year, Avios awarded Airport Interiors.org a ‘BEST INTERIOR DESIGN WINNERS award for the latest interiors in Australia and New Zealand from its interviews with airport staff.

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