What if we told you a $100,000 condo would come with a $1,000 cash refund?

By now you’ve heard about a condo developer that offered up to $1 million cash refunds to investors who bought a condo in exchange for a $150,000 deposit.

But what if you could also cash out your home to make that happen?

According to Real Estate Investor magazine, a condo would likely require an upfront cashout.

That means the developer would have to get a $2,000 payment from the buyer, plus a $50,000 refundable deposit.

If you’ve been waiting to cash out, now is your chance.

The cashout would come out of your home equity line of credit, which is a type of line of credits that are used by many borrowers to refinance their mortgage payments.

It would also be used to pay off your home’s real estate taxes.

The idea of cashouts has been around for some time.

In 2008, for example, a woman called the company Citi Cash Rewards to tell them she was going to buy a $600,000 apartment in New York City and pay off her $500,000 mortgage in cash.

But she was surprised when the lender wouldn’t give her any cashback.

That was the start of a trend that saw developers offer cashouts to investors as well.

“If you’ve ever gotten a $3,000 credit card interest refund, it’s very similar to what we’re doing,” said Dan Stober, the managing director of real estate and finance at Citi Capital.

“But it’s still in the realm of a small, very conservative amount.”

The company would only cash out to a maximum of $1.6 million for a 10-year mortgage, so that means the deposit would have been $150.6, or $1 to $100.

The company wouldn’t offer cashbacks to anyone with a credit card, and the interest rate would be 5 percent.

But the real estate investor is probably not going to want to cash in on that deal.

The amount of cash you get back from the cashout will likely be far less than what you would have paid to a lender.

The average interest rate for a home loan in New Jersey is 5.5 percent, according to the New Jersey Real Estate Board.

“We’re talking about $200,000 of interest over the life of the loan,” Stober said.

Stober said that when the bank offers a cashout to investors, they’re asking for money that could have been put towards paying down a larger down payment on a house.

He said that’s not a good deal for a developer, since the bank might have to pay back the cash and that may increase the interest they charge.

“If you’re going to get $150 for a 30-year, $150 cashout, you might not want to do that,” he said.

To help the cash-out program work, Real Estate Investors recommends that investors invest their deposit in real estate, because the real money can help build wealth.

Stober also recommends that developers make sure that investors who want to get the cash out are able to do so without having to pay an additional fee.

The money can then be used for other things, like paying for college tuition, Stober added.

Stuber said Citi’s program has worked with over 100 investors who have paid off their mortgage.

In some cases, the cash was used to purchase a house, but the investor has not yet had to pay any down payment, Stber said.

But for some investors, the money was used for personal purchases.

“This is a great way to put money towards saving,” Stimmer said.

“It’s not like you’re taking out a loan for $100 or $150 to save a $300,000 down payment.”

The average interest rates for a loan in California are about 2.5 to 4.5 basis points, so if you are looking to refinances your mortgage, the interest is lower.

Stuber said the cashouts can work for borrowers who are already paying off their mortgages, or if they’re just getting started with their mortgage, because it can provide an incentive to stay in their home.

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