How to add a custom interior to your Android phone

A few weeks ago, I bought a brand new phone.

It was an LG G3.

At the time, I was planning to replace the stock Android phone’s default wallpaper with the new HTC wallpaper.

When I saw the new wallpaper, I wasn’t too worried.

It didn’t look like a big change.

But when I got the phone back and opened the notification bar, I saw something new.

I saw a notification bar in the middle of the screen with an HTC logo and a HTC logo.


What the heck is this?

I had no idea what to do.

I had to open it and see.

The notification bar was full of text.

And it looked like the HTC wallpaper I was expecting.

So I opened it and found an image of a HTC wallpaper with a HTC icon and the HTC logo in the center of the wallpaper.

I opened the app and it told me that the wallpaper was not in the app drawer.

The app drawer is the part of Android that shows the apps you have installed and the apps that have been installed.

So, I didn’t really have a choice.

I did the obvious thing and uninstalled the app.

Then I uninstalled everything from the app folder and reinstalled the app, but this time it still had a HTC theme.

The wallpaper was back.

And I knew what I had.

The new HTC HTC wallpaper had been created by a team called HTC.

And they have a lot of customizations.

I can see why.

They make a lot more than just the stock wallpaper.

You can even add your own design to the wallpaper, so you can change the colors and add your wallpaper as a background for other apps.

The HTC wallpaper was available in the Google Play Store.

But it was not available in my country.

So the HTC team had to create an app for me to download and install.

This app, called HTCWallpaper, is the latest and greatest way to add custom themes to your phone.

HTC Wallpaper for Android is a free app that allows you to choose a theme and choose your own color.

You download the app to your device and you can choose your theme from a selection of more than 100 themes, including the stock HTC wallpaper that you have already installed.

You also can change your wallpaper background.

You could even use to create a custom HTC wallpaper for your home or office. is free, but you have to pay for a premium version, which costs $14.99.

HTC’s Wallpaper customization site The app has a simple interface, but it does offer a lot.

You choose your color, and then you select your wallpaper size, which can be customized.

You set the colors to whatever you like, and you choose your background color.

The background color is based on the color of your wallpaper, and HTC has a nice color picker.

You’re also able to choose the resolution of your screen.

HTC uses different resolutions for different apps.

HTC has chosen the HTC Pixel wallpaper, which is the default wallpaper on Google’s Android phones.

And HTC uses a 1080p resolution for the HTC Wallpapers app, so it’s the default.

HTC also has a color selection that is much more complex.

It’s not just a selection from a color wheel, but also an algorithm that uses color and brightness to determine the overall color.

If your phone has a blue or red tone, the colors are blue.

If you have a yellow or green tone, they’re green.

If they are green or blue, the shades are blue, yellow, or red.

You will also see a gradient at the bottom of the app called a gradient gradient gradient.

This gradient gradient is used by HTCWallpier, and it’s a nice, bright gradient that is applied to the top and bottom of your HTC wallpaper to help create a smooth gradient.

HTC wallpapers are really easy to customize.

You have the option to choose any theme that you like.

You get to select your size, color, gradient, and your background, which are all customizable.

HTC does offer customizations for apps that are installed from the Google Store, but these aren’t available on the site. website HTC Wallpier website HTCWallPrint website You can also customize the wallpaper itself.

HTC includes an option to set the background color, background color gradient, gradient color, color palette, and brightness of your home screen.

You do have to enter your custom wallpaper into the app launcher to use HTC WallPaper, so I did that and the background was blue, and the gradient color was green.

I then took the HTC app launcher, installed it, and I could see the wallpaper in the home screen without having to open the app or switch between apps.

You then can select the background of your device, and now you have an option that says “HTCWallpaper.

Choose wallpaper with this theme.”

I chose the HTC theme, and my

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