$150,000 convertible sports car with custom interior

A $150k convertible sports sedan will be made by the former Ford F100 owner and his wife, according to an article in Australian Financial Press.

The car will be called the F100 and will be based on a V8 engine with custom aluminium body panels and the F10 logo on the roof.

The exterior is made of carbon fibre with a custom interior made from custom parts.

The wheels are made of magnesium and the body is made out of titanium.

The F100 will come with the custom body kit for the car, which includes a custom front fascia, front and rear diffuser, side skirts, side bumpers, spoiler, rear bumper, and rear wing.

It will also come with an 18-inch carbon fibre roof spoiler.

The seller of the F102 has put it on sale for $200,000, but there is a catch.

“We need to find someone to do the engineering and we need to put it through a process that allows us to do it right,” he told Australian Financial.

“The F100 is a very special car, the F101 is a special car.

We need to make sure we are going to do this right.”

The F102 will be available in three different colours.

The first is a carbon fibre version with carbon fibre wheels, a carbon-fibre roof, and the V8.

The second is a custom carbon fibre F100 with aluminium body.

The third car will use a carbon fiber F100, and a custom F10 interior.

“It’s all carbon fibre and all carbon,” he said.

“There’s no carbon fibre body panels.”

He said he has been working on the car since June.

He said the car has been a huge success, with sales reaching more than $100,000.

“A couple of people have paid for a lot of it,” he explained.

But the only way it can be sold is if I’m able to get the finance, which is why I’m so happy with the amount that we’re getting.”

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