Why you should get a custom boat inside your home

The first time I ever heard the phrase “custom boat interior,” I was in a hotel bar in Miami.

As I stood in the corner of the room, a woman approached me and said, “I want to put you in my boat.”

I had no idea what she was talking about, and at the time I thought, “Oh.


I’ll do it.”

I didn’t really think of it as a custom interior.

It was just the most bizarre and wonderful idea I had ever heard.

But it’s nothing compared to what the people in the room were thinking.

I knew it was the coolest idea they’d ever had.

The people in this room thought I was crazy.

I was totally unprepared for that, but then when I got to the next room, they were in tears, crying.

I don’t know how many people I talked to in that room, but every single one of them wanted to take my boat, too.

I’ve seen the video of the whole thing, and I know that I’ve made some pretty profound connections with the people I’ve interacted with.

And this is just what I’ve been thinking about since.

I thought about the idea of custom boat, custom interior, custom boat for a while.

But then I realized how crazy that idea is, and that it’s one of those things that you can’t just put into words.

So, I thought it was a good idea to talk about it.

It turns out, it’s not a bad idea.

I have been making custom boat interiors since 2004.

My first boat interior was a custom “skeleton” made out of plywood and a canvas.

I built it for a friend, who lives in Miami and wanted a custom-built boat for his family to come visit.

We ended up selling it to a couple of guys who wanted to put it up for sale.

We’ve made custom boats since then, but they have always been for people who wanted something they could actually do, like, a boat that could sail on its own.

This time, I wanted something that would allow me to do just that.

The boat is called the “Lantern,” and it’s designed by artist Ryan Jones.

Ryan Jones is a designer who makes custom boats that go everywhere.

He has been creating custom boats for years, and the Lantern has been his most popular creation to date.

In the video, I spoke with Ryan about why he loves the Lantern so much, and what it takes to make something so unique and special.

How did you get started with custom boat designs?

Ryan Jones: I started making custom boats in 2004.

I had just gotten into the custom boat world, so it was very new to me.

I didn I thought I’d be able to do it.

I started out by doing a couple different designs.

I wanted to make a custom canoe that could go anywhere.

But, the thing was, I had to make sure I could actually make it happen.

I’d never done a boat before.

I just wanted to do something.

It’s just a weird feeling to think about, “How would it go?”

Then, when I started to build it, I realized that I had this whole other thing that I needed to get it going.

So I started doing it in small batches.

What did you need to build the boat to make it work?

I needed a lot of things to get the boat moving.

First, I needed the water to go into the boat.

I could just use a hose and pour it on.

That was a lot easier.

But I needed more.

I needed about a half-gallon of water.

Then, I need to get some wood.

I used a lot.

I went through several different suppliers.

I tried some different woods.

I would make custom wooden boats with my own hand-cut wood, but I just couldn’t find anything that was as strong.

Finally, I found something that was just right for the boat, and then it was time to get wood for the interior.

The interior wood was actually a piece of ply that I cut from a wood-burning stove.

The wood burns very slowly, so that’s a really good thing to have.

But when you’re making custom interior wood, it takes a lot longer.

What kind of wood was used?

A lot of different woods, but mostly pine and cedar.

Where were you growing it?

I grew it in a cabin.

It took me about four years to get to where I needed it to be.

Where did you find the wood?

The wood I used was found in a forest in Northern California, where the weather is really hot.

The trees were starting to die, and there were a lot more trees dying.

It really was a perfect fit for the cabin.

What was the inspiration for the design?

I wanted it to have a boat inside of it, so I figured I’d put a little bit of my imagination to it.

The Lantern is a custom vessel

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