The Italian interior is going to be different from the rest of the world

Interiors at Genoa have always been custom, but this is the first time they’ve been completely customised.

The exterior, for example, has been replaced with custom furniture.

The interior is all custom too, from the carpet and carpeting to the carpet, floor, curtains and walls.

The first custom interior in the world was built in 2001 for the famous Sartorello restaurant in Milan, where guests could eat in a room decorated by original marble floors.

This customisation has been replicated across Italy, and Genoa has had some of the biggest name interior designers in the business.

They’ve worked with the likes of Luca Cavallaro, Alessandro Tisserand, Gianni Versace and Stefano Gabbana to create a vast array of designs, including a lounge with custom designed tables, chairs, lamps and an indoor bar.

The restaurant has become a destination for locals to relax and have a drink in.

Genoa also recently launched the first ever custom designed hotel in the UK, in the town of Bath.

This is a new addition to Genoa’s collection of custom designed hotels and villas, which include a hotel in Milan.

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