Bentley: Bentley will make ‘biggest ever’ luxury car

A bespoke Bentley customisation centre will soon open in the UK.

The UK’s biggest luxury carmaker will open the £5.7m shop in Kent on May 31st, according to the company.

The factory in Bovington will employ over 200 people.

It’s not the first time Bentley has announced an overseas location.

The company announced its “Bentleys UK” site last year, with plans to make its UK headquarters in Oxfordshire a hub for Bentley dealers.

But Bentley is now targeting the UK because it is a market where it can offer an “all-new” luxury car with the right level of design.

The company’s global ambitions are even more ambitious.

It has been building a range of new products in the past year, including a new SUV called the Continental in 2018 and a new Range Rover Sport in 2019.

Bentley is also working on a range that will include a new sports coupe, a luxury hatchback and a range-topping sedan.

It’s also developing a new range of luxury electric cars and a sporty electric car called the Bentley Vision.

It already makes some of the most famous luxury vehicles in the world, including the £1.7bn Range Rover, £1bn Bentley Continental, £847m Range Rover S and £1m Bentley GT.

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