How to use the rod in a shop

A rod that lets you turn a car into a bed is getting a lot of attention, with a number of different models making their debut on the market.

We’re looking at some of the more affordable options, but if you want something with more options and features, we’d recommend the Rodman 2.3kg-plus model.

The Rodman is a dual-purpose, single-purpose and one-person rod that comes in a range of colours and sizes.

It’s the perfect tool for anyone who wants to use a car to do some DIY, or to transform a garage into a living space for up to three people.

The Rodman also comes with a built-in GPS and an electric charger, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

The price ranges from £1,899 ($2,200) to £1-2,399 ($3,100-$4,000) depending on the model.

There are many different ways to use rods, from the DIY-oriented to the commercial-oriented, but this Rodman comes with three main benefits: It’s cheap, versatile and a fun way to use your car.

It’s cheap and versatile.

With a weight of just two kilos, it’s a reasonable, portable, and inexpensive way to turn a garage or a shed into a bedroom, kitchen, living room, or even a kitchenette.

For this reason, we think it’s one of the best choices for a DIY or commercial application.

The rod can be used to turn any surface into a space with its unique shape and dimensions.

You can also attach it to a standard wall or to the sides of a building for a more modern look.

The only downside to this rod is the price.

It costs around £1.49 ($2.40) to build.

You might want to invest in a bigger, more powerful rod, but it’s probably a good investment if you’re after a reliable, easy-to-use solution.

For those who are looking for more than one use, there are also Rodman 4kg-and-above rods and the Rodmans Pro 2.6kg-Plus, which comes with GPS and a fully automatic charging system.

Both of these are great for DIY projects, but the Rodmen Pro 2 is best suited for commercial applications, and you’ll need to be able to lift the rod out of the vehicle to do so.

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