How to buy a Dodge Charger SRT-8 in the UK, Australia, the US and Canada with our new online service

We’ve all seen the Charger and thought it’s pretty damn cool.

So, how do you get one?

It’s all about how you get it.

First, you need to know what you want.

That means the Chargers original model was the 4×4 SRT.

But since the 4×4 is now just a 5×5, we now have to get the SRT 4×5 to get an even more awesome car.

So what are we going to get?

Well, that’s not exactly what you would have seen in the US or Europe.

The Charger has a base price of £27,500 (around $36,000) but, if you can get one with an extra 2,000km of range, you’ll end up with a car that is much more affordable.

So you’ll want to look at the base price as a way of assessing your budget and whether it makes sense to go for the Srt4x5 or the S8x5.

But what are you actually getting?

The SRT is an amazing car and one of the most popular and versatile on the market.

So it makes a lot of sense to get one of those, but if you want to see it in the flesh, you’re going to have to go with the S4x4.

This is the car that makes up the base of the S7 line-up and is based on the same 4×3 platform as the S9.

However, unlike the S5x4, which is a hatchback, the S6x4’s hatchback body is actually a sedan, so it can take on almost any kind of vehicle.

You can also get one if you prefer a more aggressive style of styling with a few body modifications.

The S6 has a 1.8L four-cylinder engine that delivers 1,000hp (1,400lb-ft) at 6,000rpm and 5,600Nm (3,800lb-hp) at 4,800rpm.

Its turbocharged four-pot V6 engine delivers an additional 1,600hp (2,200lb-f) at 5,500rpm and 4,200Nm at 3,700rpm.

The S6’s power-to-weight ratio is claimed at a whopping 8,000lb-foot (4,800kgf) while its 0-60mph time is a whopping 2.4 seconds.

The most notable difference between the S2 and S4 is the inclusion of an 8-speed automatic transmission.

This means that when you’re cruising at 60mph or less, you can shift into manual or automatic gear, depending on the circumstances.

However the S3 and S3s don’t come with this option, so you’ll have to do it yourself.

You’re not going to want to pay more than £40,000 (around US$50,000), but if your budget is relatively low, then the S1 is a great alternative.

It’s just slightly more expensive ($35,000 for the base S4, £35,999 for the 1,500-mile S3).

So there you have it, the five most important things you need in order to buy your next SRT4x6.

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