How to decorate your own motorhome with a DIY interior

A DIY interior designer’s dream.

The idea is simple: get an old motorhome interior, and make it your own.

It’s a bit like getting a Ferrari.

The owner gets a motorhome, a paint job and a big set of wheels.

It comes complete with an interior, doors, windows, seats, door hinges and a few other details that are left out of the Ferrari.

It’s a perfect project, the owner says.

And it’s totally DIY.

Here are some ideas for interior decorating your own Motorhome.


Get a Ferrari interior with the wheels off.

I’m not kidding.

This is a pretty easy DIY project.

Just remove the doors, the window coverings, the carpet, the dash, the doors and the roof and you’re done.


Paint your own interior.

If you’re not a DIYer, you could paint the interior of your motorhome.

Here are some examples: A Ferrari’s interior is painted with an orange-brown paint job, red carpet and chrome trim, and chrome doors.

The interior of a Jeep Grand Cherokee’s interior comes with an aluminum panel with the exterior painted black.

An Audi R8 Eau Rouge comes with chrome trim.

A VW Golf RS comes with a blue interior and chrome seats.

And you could even paint the inside of a BMW X5 M5.

But this is a good place to start.

You could also go for a very simple paint job.

Just get a car.

A classic car, say.

Or a modern car.

An F-150 pickup.

Or an SUV.


Put your wheels in your new interior.

I have no idea how anyone could be so stupid as to try to get a Ferrari motorhome painted in an old car.

The only way to do this is to be a dick, and you’d better be a good dick.

So the first thing you’ll want to do is get a paintjob done.

“I just used a paint brush to brush on some white paint,” said John Dennison, who lives in Ohio.

“I took a piece of cardboard, folded it and put it in the van.

And then I just painted it.”

Dennisons’ car is a 1977 Dodge Caravan.

It came with a set of orange-colored wheels.

He bought the motorhome in 2009 and took it for a test drive.

“There were no lights, nothing,” he said.

“It’s just, like, this old car with wheels on it.”

So he painted the interior orange, black and white, and installed the lights.

Dennions said he then removed the windows and removed the doors.

He also removed the carpet.

The doors and windows came out nicely.

And he installed the dash.


The interior looked nice.

Dornison said he painted it with a spray of black spray paint.

He added a few more details like the lights, dashboard, doors and seats.

He then painted the paint with a small spray of white spray paint, then the windshield.

And lastly, he painted a few pieces of white trim.

He said the interior looks like a new car.

“This is the real deal,” he says.

“Everything is new.”


Put the wheels in the back.

The wheels in a motor home should go into a separate garage, where they will sit.

Dennison said the wheels are pretty easy to get in, but the process was a bit more complicated.

“You need to get an electric car,” he explained.

“And you need to have a jack for it.

I got this jack.

I took a truck jack and built a jack in a garage.

Then I put the motor home in the garage and had the truck jack in the truck, and then I put it into the jack in my car.

So I just put it back in the car and started moving it.”

The result was a pretty good looking motor home, which he had to move a couple of times to get it to fit the trailer.

He had a few questions for his mechanic: “I think they’re pretty simple,” he laughed.

“If you don’t know how to put one in a car, don’t put it on a truck.”

He said that the mechanic is kind of impressed with the finished product.

“He was kind of, like: ‘Oh, man, this is pretty cool.'”

The mechanic also gave Dennies a note explaining how to do the paint job himself.

It was about $60, he said, and he’d like to do it again.


Get the wheels installed.

Dennisons was kind enough to share the steps that he used to get the wheels and other parts installed in the motor car.

Denna is a very experienced DIYer.

“First, I cut it down to size,” he recalled.

“Then I had it built.

Then, I had to put

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