Cadillac C6 Custom Interior Gets a C6 Upgrade

Cadillac has a new interior.

Its the Cadillac C 6 Custom Interior.

Like the rest of the C6 family, it has the same interior.

The only difference is it is a bit more refined.

The cabin is more comfortable, the dash has a higher resolution, and the seats are more spacious.

All that adds up to a better driving experience.

But if you want to get the most out of the Cadillac, this is the interior you want.

C6-equipped vehicles are usually very expensive, but Cadillac is selling these cars at under $100,000.

That’s $7,000 more than the base model.

Cadillac’s new interior is more refined, though, so you can get more out of it.

The C6 C6 Premium adds the following options: Automatic climate control; Leather-wrapped steering wheel; heated seats; and heated rear seats.

There’s also a new navigation system that is designed for people who don’t have a lot of time on their hands.

It’s the Cadillac brand’s first to offer it, but there’s also an option for owners of the previous C6 that also offers navigation.

The optional $1,100 Sport Package adds a new, larger driver’s seat, a driver’s door, and new front and rear seats, along with new door handles.

The standard C6 trim, the C7, also gets a slightly more powerful engine and new power-adjustable front seats.

All of these add up to more than $100 more than standard C7.

It comes with a standard seven-inch touchscreen and a 12-speaker audio system with Bluetooth and AM/FM radio.

The new C6 gets a few more features, too.

It gets a 7.0-liter turbocharged engine with a 3.8-liter V6 that produces 275 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque.

The four-wheel-drive system also gets upgraded.

There are more standard equipment upgrades, including a seven-speakers audio system, LED headlights, rearview cameras, rear cross-traffic alert, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, and automatic climate control.

Cadillac says that the C3 is the most powerful C6 available today.

Cadillac also offers a number of other options.

The Premium package gets a bigger infotainment screen, a touchscreen with a new display that displays speed and fuel economy data, and a seven speakers audio system.

The Limited trim adds more power and performance, including an upgraded 6.0L V6 engine with 280 hp and 310 lb-foot of torque, and more standard hardware.

Cadillac adds a six-speed manual transmission and a 6.2L V8 engine with 360 hp and 330 lb-feet of torque and an automatic climate system.

C7-equipped cars are usually more expensive, at $1.6 million.

However, owners of previous C7s can buy an optional $4,100 package that adds the new C7’s powertrain, a 6-speed automatic transmission, a six speakers audio package, an 18-inch alloy wheels, heated seats, a heated steering wheel, and leather-wrapping seats.

The base C7 gets a 9.2-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged V6 with 295 hp and 325 lb-fts of torque that’s rated at 310 hp and 390 lb-lbs of torque at the wheels.

The $4.3 million C7 Premium gets an eight-speed, four-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission with a 6,000 rpm redline.

The Cadillac C7 is available with six- and seven-speed transmissions, and with the optional $6,900 package that includes a six or seven-spoke alloy wheels and leather leather-trimmed seats.

C3-equipped models are generally more expensive.

There is no automatic transmission option, but owners of C3s can get the new 6.3-liter, 5.0 liter, and 6.4-liter engines, with the power ratings of 290 hp and 340 lb-f.

The 7- and 8-speed versions are available with an automatic transmission.

C5-equipped drivers can get a $6 million package that comes with an electric motor, a power-assist automatic transmission that gives them steering assist, and an eight speed automatic transmission and six-speaks audio system that lets them use Bluetooth.

The 2017 C6, which comes with the 7.4L turbocharged turbocharged 3.6-liter twin-turbo V6, comes with seven seats.

Cadillac said the new version will have more power than the previous model, but its a lot more expensive than the 2017 C5.

C4-equipped buyers can get two C4s and a C5 for $1 million each.

Cx4- and Cx5-based buyers get an optional six-cyliler and six speakers system.

Cadillac has not

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